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we buy houses Riverside

Thinking of selling your Riverside home? Throw a dart in any direction, and the odds are you’ll hit a real estate agent office. – We Buy Houses Riverside

Or you could look around, and you’ll spot the smiling faces of a realtor couple on a bus or park bench. At last count, data from the National Association of Realtors, there are over 1.3 million licensed realtors in the U.S.

Wait; what? With so many realtors to choose from, how do you distinguish a dud from a reliable realtor? As you can imagine, choosing the best estate agent to help you sell your home can be challenging for first-time and experienced sellers alike.

Below are three questions to help you spot a dud realtor:

If you answer yes to any of the three questions, it might be worth exploring other options, including “we buy houses Riverside” companies!

1. Do They Tell You That Your Home Will Sell For A Price That Seems Too Good To Be True?

The #1 sign to watch out for is the realtor who tells you just what you want to hear instead of what you should and need to hear.

And by that, it means, if your real estate agent tells you that you can sell your property for the asking price or a price that’s so exaggerated compared to the market price – you must ask them why.

If your realtor doesn’t come up with market information and comparable sales in your area, this is a red flag and a hint they’re not the right choice.

2. Do They Spruik About Their “Exceptional” Services?

The other thing most agents will tell you is how exceptional their service is!

Good customer service is given in most businesses these days, and if they are not service-oriented, they shouldn’t be in the real estate business altogether.

What you’re looking for (and what you’ll get at Monte Buys Houses) is an exceptional outcome. As a seller, you’re after getting your property SOLD as fast as possible and for a favorable price. Ask them about their sales strategy for your property instead, and see what they have to say.

3. Do Their Reviews, Testimonials, And Sales Statistics Tell A Different Story?

When a realtor doesn’t stop telling you how excellent their service is or how fast your home will sell, you can look at reviews and testimonials to fact check them.

To view things such as sales statistics, market specifics, professionalism, responsiveness, and overall rating, you can look at Zillow, Realtor.com (the official site of the National Association of Realtors), and Yelp. You can go through all past client feedback.

Some realtors are all about the talk in this game, but very few actually walk the talk.

If you’d like to avoid the hassles of using real estate agents to sell your house, get in touch with us now! We buy houses Riverside, and we’d love to lend you our years of experience in real estate and purchase your home fast for cash.

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