We Buy Houses Orange County – Want To Sell Your Rented Property? Read This First…

we buy houses Orange County

Remember that townhome of yours in Orange County – the one that’s old and rundown? – We buy houses Orange County

You put up with it because of the monthly rental income, but one day you manage to build or purchase a new one, and it’s everything you ever wanted.

Best of all, the tenants are amazing, and the property generates impressive ROI. But you have a problem: You’re confused, wondering what to do with the old, outdated, or rundown rental property.

If you’re in such a situation, you’re not alone. For most property owners, selling a rented property – even an old and outdated property – can be a catch-22 situation.

After all, you need the rental income to cover the mortgage, but you still need to get the property vacant so that it will sell fast.

If you find yourself dealing with such a situation, there are three options open to you:

1. Leap Into The Breach

One way to deal with your dilemma is to bite the bullet and give your tenants notice to vacate your property; this is usually 60 days. Once vacant, you’ll inspect and clean the property to make sure it’s presentable.

Next, you’ll need to find a reliable realtor to give you valuations and list your property. Remember, you’ll have to pay for things like landscaping, heating, mortgage repayments, etc. until your property sells.

2. Try Your Luck

You can always sell your Orange County property with tenants in situ. This option offers the benefit of keeping the rent income stream flowing in whilst on the market and avoid all the bills mentioned when you choose to leap into the breach.

There can be some drawbacks, however. You will be limiting the sale to buy to let property buyers since your property cannot be sold to typical buyers who need a mortgage.

Yes, with this option, you’ll manage to keep the rental income coming in, but you might have to sell at a reduced sale price.

3. Get The Best Of Both!

A professional “we buy houses Orange County” agency such as our firm (ahem!) won’t be as picky, slow, or difficult as standard property buyers.

We buy houses Orange County any day all year and try to make the house-selling process as smooth as possible. We’ll gladly buy your property with tenants in situ, whatever the condition with the house or situation with their tenancy or rent.

We’ll agree to purchase your rental property as-is and even without viewing (yes, really!) so your tenant(s) won’t get troubled with lots of strangers coming around.

If you’re a landlord and want to sell your rental property fast, without stress, and for cash, we can help. Monte Buys Houses will purchase your tenanted property, guaranteed!

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