How Do Realtors Stack Up Against Cash Housebuyers Orange County?

cash housebuyers in orange county

There are different channels you can take in terms of selling your home in Orange County. And having options is a beautiful thing. – Cash Housebuyers Orange County

But there are distinct differences between these channels you have to keep in mind.

Hence the reason for this comparison between realtors and cash housebuyers Orange County. Now, as a house buying company, you might think this comparison is going to be subjective.

But this is why we only use the facts to prove our point. Because at Monte Buys Houses, we firmly believe in honesty and transparency.

Selling Your Orange County Home Through A Realtor

Commission Fees:

As with every transaction that involves a middleman, a commission fee needs to be paid. With a realtor, you have to pay this fee when the property gets sold.

Additional Costs:

Part of a realtor’s job is to advise sellers on how they can move the property quicker. For example, they can recommend doing some repairs or touch-ups, which includes the exterior area of the home. In other words, extra costs you might not be able to afford.

Indefinite Waiting Period:

Realtors can only do so much. After giving valuable advice and showcasing/marketing the property, they play the waiting game like everybody else.

Risk Of Using The Wrong Realtor:

Some realtors have questionable ethics, but how are you going to know until you work with them? There is always a small risk of getting that one realtor who is self-serving.

Selling Your House To Cash Housebuyers Orange County

No Commission Fees:

When Monte Buys Houses makes an offer on your property, there are no middlemen to worry about. Because this is a direct sale between you (the seller) and us (the buyer).

No Additional Costs:

We are happy to state that we buy houses as-is. You are not obligated to do any repairs or remodeling in order to get an offer from us. We even take on the responsibility of the closing costs.

You Choose The Closing Date:

Our priority is to make everything as convenient as possible. This is why we streamline the process to be simple and straightforward, and we make an offer within 24-hours. You choose when the close will be most convenient for you.

A Guaranteed Offer:

Regardless of where your property sits in Orange County or the condition it might be in, you can count on getting a fair market offer from Monte Buys Houses. Plus, you are under no obligation to take it.

In Conclusion

If you want to sell your house for cash, quickly, and without all the hoops you typically have to jump through, you are in good company. At Monte Buys Houses, we can make it happen.

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