Thank You!


We Have Your Application, We Will Review Your Information As Soon As Possible.

Here’s What We’ll Be Asking You For…



We will need some references we can talk to that are not family or close friends.



Previous Work

We will want to see examples of previous projects, depending on your trade we may want to see the work with our own eyes.


Current Work

We will want to visit an ongoing project.


License and Insurance

If you are licensed we will want to see proof of your license and insurance.


W-9 & Contractor Agreement

We will need to have a current W-9 and simple contractor agreement before we begin working together.


Rules to Working With Us

  • We use line item pricing (includes labor & materials). This saves both you and me time so that we can focus on doing the renovation.

  • We do not buy materials or tools for you. Line item pricing includes both labor and materials. You are expected to have all the required tools to complete the job.

  • We do not pay up-front or on demand. We pay every 2 weeks for completed work.

  • We expect you to stick to a timeline for each project. Consistently missed deadlines is unprofessional and will not be tolerated.

  • We expect you to be a team player. There may be several people working in a house at a time, so team work is needed. The better we work as a team, the more money you will make.