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Getting married and having kids is the best thing for most couples. Regrettably, people change as time passes. This makes marriage not all rosy. No one really thinks they’ll one day divorce their partner. – House Buying Companies Orange County

Divorce is an unpleasant affair. You end up dragging your kids into the entire mess. Don’t let your house tie you down when you are going through a divorce.

The burden of selling it while in a divorce is unthinkable. Monte Buys Houses is one of the best house buying companies Orange County that can help you quickly sell your house during such times.

Going Through A Divorce? Call Us Today To Sell Your House

Are you going through a divorce? Do you need quick cash? Monte Buys Houses can help if you live in Orange County. We can help you offset your divorce costs by buying your house. This will give you the cash you require to start your new life.

There are certain costs that you have to deal with when going through a divorce including mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and utility expenses.

These costs can quickly pile up. Don’t continue paying for your home when we can buy it today! Monte Buys Houses will make you a same-day cash offer for your property.

Before Selling

You may be prohibited from selling your Orange County house when going through a divorce hearing. Court orders issued by a judge can bar you from going ahead with the sale of your house.

Speak to your attorney or mediator to draft an agreement with all involved parties if this is the case.

Once the court order is lifted, you can go ahead and sell your house. You should also talk to your divorce attorney once you sell your house. They can advise you on how the cash should be legally split between you and your former spouse.

Our Home Buying Process

We have simplified the process of home selling. We make cash offers within 24 hours. We can close the sale of your property in as little as 10 days once you accept our offer. We can even issue you a check the same day!

The first step is reaching out to us. We will ask several questions regarding your property. We will contact you once we’ve reviewed the details.

One of our representatives at Monte Buys Houses will present you with a lucrative written, no-obligation offer once your house meets our buying criteria.

Pay Off Divorce Costs Today

You can get a same-day cash offer for your property. We are not one of the usual house buying companies Orange County. We are investors ready to help you move on with your life. Get started now by filling out the form.

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